Venom v Reapers 26 March 2019

The first game of the 2019 inline hockey season kicked off to a ferocious start. Both teams came out at a full charge, with Sam Cockwell of the Reapers scoring the first goal but Venom returning fire soon after. Both goalies were under pressure from the start with no let-up throughout the 3 periods of 20 minutes.
By the second period, Reapers were 10 for 7, but a furious reply from Venom levelled the scores at 11 apiece.

Reapers first line make a plan for the third period. Goalie Roddy Vasquez getting focused.

After a close score chase, the last 5 minutes of the match were intensely fought with reapers edging ahead 13-12 but again, Venom attacked and levelled the score.

Final Score 14-13 to Venom

But with just 15 seconds left on the clock, Matt Francis scooped in a sweet lift into the top corner and it was all over. Final score 14- 13 Venom.

Top scorers were Matt Francis with Cleggz, Danny and Shania getting on the score sheet for Venom, and top scorer for Reapers was Mal Budd with Sam Cockwell, Gethin, Richie and Lucy also scoring- best assist by Keon with a lovely flick across the goal from the corner for Mal to hammer home.

Also a thanks to guys that came down from Mount Pleasant to play and watch, hopefully we will get more coming down, its not impossible to imagine a whole team from out there in the future?

In a passionate game that at times looked like a proper ice hockey brawl was about to break out, the two sides deserved the rousing applause on the final whistle for a fast, exciting game that was enjoyed by the spectators. For those of you who were not there- you missed a cracking game- next up is the Elite match on 28th at 5pm- Knights v Dragons which is the first of the Elite matches for this season. If today’s match is the set bar, then this season is going to be better than ever!

Paul Ellis