Update from the committee


Following the announcement on the 13th of April reminding people to take extra care we have reviewed our rules and risks again, and will continue to play.

However we will be much stricter on rules relating to contact penalties with an aim to bring down the level of intensity in the games and therefore reduce the risk of injury.  We are in touch with KEMH regularly on this matter and will continue to review the risks as things continue to change.

We will also be briefing players before games to ensure that all are aware of the situation.

A message from the committee:

FIG released a statement today (31st March 2021) asking the public to take extra care in their day to day activities because of a reduced capacity for medevac to South America.

The Falkland islands Hockey Association is dedicated to the safety of its members, and aims to reduce the risk of any injury as much as possible. However as with any sports or activities some risks will remain no matter what measures are put in place.

We are confident that players wearing serviceable and proper equipment, and playing in a safe and controlled manner is as good as it can be and will therefore continue with the league as it stands currently. We are passionate about the sport, however we will not ask anyone to go beyond their own level of comfort to play.

If there is any player that feels that the potential for serious injury is too high you can of course decline to play without any sort of penalty or sanctions whatsoever from the association. If the situation changes and players wish to play again they are welcome to come back at any time they feel confident and happy to play.

We will continue to keep the players safety at the forefront of our activities and will monitor the local situation for any changes which impact the association.

If you have any questions or queries please get in touch.