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Falklands take home Bronze and Gold from Amerigol LATAM Cup 2019

This year the Falkland Islands Hockey Association took two teams to compete in the Amerigol Latam Cup for the first time and came away with medals for both teams!  The performance from the Falkland’s players was superb, with the under 16’s coming away with a bronze, and a gold for the senior team (which includes a number of players from around the world that are involved in Falklands hockey so competed under the rest of the world (ROTW) name). This tournament is traditional 5-5 ice hockey and the first time the club has played in a proper international tournament of this kind so this was a new experience for most, including rules for icing, penalty minutes, and a huge ice surface.


The competition began for the Falklands for the senior team with a game against Mexico which finished 3-1 to the Falklands. Next the under 16s took on the tournament favourites and eventual champions Colombia, which ended up finishing 7-2 to Colombia. Our boys played really well, and put in a couple of fantastic goals courtesy of Lane McKay with assists from Malachi Budd and Theo Duncan.  It was also the first time the lads played together on this ice surface and in these positions so it was a really great experience for them.

Lane McKay takes a shot in the opening game against Colombia (NM)

Next the seniors took on Brazil which finished 4-1 to the Falklands with local goaltender Stuart Duncan playing an excellent game and nearly getting the shutout (0.973 save percentage which is awesome).   This put the team on top of their side of the draw. This resulted in a buy though the quarter finals to the semi-finals, which also gave the senior team a very welcome rest over the Saturday.


The under 16s then took on a USA team which was made of players which are based at the nearby Pembroke Pines rink.  They are a good group of skaters and hockey players with all the facilities to practice and play hockey.  Our boys put in a huge effort with James Hartley and Ethan Fowler (the two youngest in the team) taking the critical centre man positions, and Matt Francis was changing from forward to defence. This seemed to really help the lines and the whole team showed a great poise and strength in the game especially considering where they have to train and develop.  The boys won 3-1 in a highly competitive game.  With goals from: Danny Ross, Matt Francis and Malachi Budd, and assists from Danny Ross and Joseff Murphy.

U16s team proudly celebrating the win (L-R James Hartley, Stu Duncan(AC)*, Craig Dockrill (HC)*, Ethan Fowler, Jake Hawksworth, Malachi Budd, Temis Smith, Matt Francis, Lane McKay, Joseff Murphy, Tom Watson, Danny Ross, Nick Francis(TM)*, Grant Budd  (AC)*, Theo Duncan, Travis Jaffray, Tyrese Ceballos (MM)

Next up one of the most hotly contested games was the Argentine under 16 against our under 16. The Argentine team are highly skilled, and we got to know them well over the pre-tournament training, they are a great team with a great hockey attitude. Argentina ultimately triumphed in this game with the final score 6-1 but that doesn’t reflect the whole game, which was only 2-1 at the end of the second period. The team gave 100% for the entire game and left everything they had on the ice, but the larger bench and level of ice experience for the Argentine team showed in the final period with them netting another 4 goals against our tiring lads.  They could only get the one goal in this game from Malachi Budd with an assist from Jake Hawksworth, but again that doesn’t reflect the level of effort and skill, with a huge amount showed by all the team.

This result put the boys in the 3rd place playoff against USA.


3rd place playoff (USA Vs. Falkland’s) This time it was clear the boys had settled into their positions and took the fight to the USA with Matt Francis leading the scoring with 4 goals on his sheet, a big part of the 6-3 victory, this landed the boys a highly deserved 3rd place. This was the first ever medal position for the Falklands in a full size traditional international ice hockey tournament!

It was an impressive stats sheet for the team with goals from Matt Francis (4), Theo Duncan, and Malachi Budd. Aided by assists from James Hartley (3), Danny Ross (2), Lane McKay, Ethan Fowler and Matt Francis.

The score sheets never reflect the whole team effort that is required to win in Ice Hockey, with excellent effort also put in by Travis Jaffray in defence, remaining solid in the Falklands teams own half.  The goalies can’t go without mention, with Temis Smith, Tyrese Ceballos and Tom Watson all putting in a whole game each, and all getting a shift in the 3rd place game.

Under 16’s receive their well deserved bronze medals
L-R (Back) Ethan Fowler, Jake Hawksworth, Matt Francis, Theo Duncan, Travis Jaffray, Tom Watson, Joseff Murphy
L-R (Front)Temis Smith, Lane McKay, Danny Ross, James Hartley, Tyrese Ceballos (BC)


Later that morning the seniors played Mexico again as they had won their semi-final. This game was tough with the Mexican keeper playing well and excellent passing and defending keeping the score sheet blank for the Falkland Islands and Mexico slowly collecting 2 goals.  That was until the final four minutes when Jonathan Nicholson finally got the Falklands their opening goal. With a minute remaining the Falklands pulled the keeper to get another attacker on the ice; this nearly ended in disaster when Mexico took a shot at open goal, fortunately missing and giving the Falklands another attack with Craig Dockrill netting the all-important equaliser with only 15 seconds remaining on the clock. This meant that there would be 5 minutes of overtime playing 3-3 hockey – this suited our team and playing style well and Ryan Bahl quickly got the golden goal which took the team into the final with Puerto Rico.

ROTW and Mexico line up for an after game photo – a great semifinal game of hockey! (BC)

The final hurdle to the seniors championship was the game with Puerto Rico, no-one on the team had seen them play but from the results the team knew they were dominant and did not concede goals easily.

The final started with PR showing incredible skating speed and stickhandling, with the goaltender Jason Wood taking shots right away.  Then the breakthrough was a long dumped puck toward the goal from our blue line which went in!  We had caught out the PR goalie unawares (which happens even to the professionals), but it lit a fire for the Falklands and the game continued in that style with Puerto Rico pushing their skating speed and skills to get shots at our goalie (which he mostly had covered), and our team breaking out and taking successful long shots.  The final score was 6-2 to the Falklands.   Giving them the Falklands their first win at a tournament

CHAMPIONS (L-R Back) Ed Naus(C)*, Nick Francis(TM)*, John Nickleson, Gabrielle Ceballos, Hillel Sokolsky, Craig Dockrill, Malachi Budd, Sam Cockwell, Grant Budd, Ryan Bahl, Claudio Ross, Arild Stormer. (Front) – Stu Duncan, Jason Wood (BC)
Thank you

This whole tournament was a great success, and with an international contingent of teams from throughout the American continents including: Jamaica, Puerto Rico, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and of course the Falkland Islands.  We made great friends there, and contacts which are passionate about developing hockey in the Falklands and helping us however we can to take the sport to the next level.  Thanks especially to Juan Carlos Ortero from Amerigol ltd. for organising the Latam Cup and the Florida Panthers NHL team for hosting it in their training rink the Ice Den, as well as Wayne Whitmore and Wanda Weed for organising the pre tournament sniper/goalie camp, and NHL referee legend Mike Leggo and Michaela Bahl for holding a 2 day referee camp.  It was a total experience that we wont forget!


And of course our sponsors without which it would have been impossible to attend: Byron Ltd, Tonedog Designs, Sulivan Shipping Services Ltd, Shorty’s Diner, Seafish Chandlery, Penguin Travel, FIG, Seaview Logistics, JK Marine, Beauchene Fishing Company Ltd., Cyril and Val Ellis, G&K Services, Argos Ltd., Fortuna Ltd., Energise, Sure, The Narrows Bar, and the Skating Club.

Thank you to you all!

Thanks also to Nikki Murphy(NM), Marika McKay(MM), Nick Francis(NF), Ryan Bahl(RB), and BC Photography (BC) for use of their photographs.
*(TM) – Team Manager, (HC) – Head Coach, (AC) – Assistant Coach, (C) Captain

Dek Team Updates

Teams shirt changes

You will have notices that the Dek teams shirts changed this season (2019) from the planned teams. This is purely due to the number of available shirts for the season.

The changes are:

Sharks are now Oilers

Penguins are now Panthers

Flyers are now Redwings


Here are the team listings for the Dek Season as they stand currently.


flkDavid HewittForward-1042
engThomas GrahamGoaltender-000


flkJohn McLeodGoaltender-000
flkTobi AdeoyeForward-813


flkBrayan RomeroDefender-021
flkDeclan BonnerMidfielder-220
walGethin MorganDefender-321
flkNiall EvansForward-420
flkRichard BonnerPlayer-110
Shaani StashynskyPlayer-000
engThomas FarrogiaGoaltender-000
flkToby PooleDefender-000

Sadly a match had to be forfeited last week as there wasn’t another goal tender. Please teams keep in touch with your players to try and avoid this, it’s a shame for everyone to miss out on a game.

Anyone interested in getting involved in hockey, Dek Hockey is a really great place to give it a try, minimal kit, but fast paced, great exercise and plenty of hockey skills to learn and hone, and a great way to get into hockey in the Falklands.

Venom v Reapers 26 March 2019

The first game of the 2019 inline hockey season kicked off to a ferocious start. Both teams came out at a full charge, with Sam Cockwell of the Reapers scoring the first goal but Venom returning fire soon after. Both goalies were under pressure from the start with no let-up throughout the 3 periods of 20 minutes.
By the second period, Reapers were 10 for 7, but a furious reply from Venom levelled the scores at 11 apiece.

Reapers first line make a plan for the third period. Goalie Roddy Vasquez getting focused.

After a close score chase, the last 5 minutes of the match were intensely fought with reapers edging ahead 13-12 but again, Venom attacked and levelled the score.

Final Score 14-13 to Venom

But with just 15 seconds left on the clock, Matt Francis scooped in a sweet lift into the top corner and it was all over. Final score 14- 13 Venom.

Top scorers were Matt Francis with Cleggz, Danny and Shania getting on the score sheet for Venom, and top scorer for Reapers was Mal Budd with Sam Cockwell, Gethin, Richie and Lucy also scoring- best assist by Keon with a lovely flick across the goal from the corner for Mal to hammer home.

Also a thanks to guys that came down from Mount Pleasant to play and watch, hopefully we will get more coming down, its not impossible to imagine a whole team from out there in the future?

In a passionate game that at times looked like a proper ice hockey brawl was about to break out, the two sides deserved the rousing applause on the final whistle for a fast, exciting game that was enjoyed by the spectators. For those of you who were not there- you missed a cracking game- next up is the Elite match on 28th at 5pm- Knights v Dragons which is the first of the Elite matches for this season. If today’s match is the set bar, then this season is going to be better than ever!

Paul Ellis

Season Launched!

When/Where/Whats going on?

On Saturday the 23rd we held the annual pre-season launch party at the Stanley Leisure Centre.  Great attendance from everyone, parents, grant parents, friends, and many others.  With three games over the night and a crowd cheering from the gallery for all it really had the feel of a proper hockey night.

Senior Game

Gold Medallists from Punta Arenas Gabby Hartley and Lucy McGuire face off for the puck drop in the senior game

The night kicked off with a mixed all stars game with two teams containing a selection of players from the senior leagues.  It was a hotly contested game with goals flying in from both sides, and plenty of effort from both sides to contest the puck!  The last couple of minutes seeing a flurry of activity to take the trailing team up to 4-5 and maybe bringing a draw into reach, only to have those hopes dashed by an immediate response from the face off  with a long shot to take it to 6-4 where it ultimately finished. Special mention should be made for Temis Smith and John McLeod who not only stepped up their games in the first game of the year, but also their first games in an all star game, well done to both excellent performances!

We were delighted to have Alex Mitham as our special guest on Saturday. Not only did he do a great job of dropping the puck for the inaugural games, he highlighted the recent successes of the Association overseas as well as looking to our exciting future regional opportunities on ice and inline.

Alex has taken a keen interest in the Association in the years he has worked in the Falklands and has seen us evolve into the Association we are now – one that is fully inclusive with player development at its heart. His passion and assistance has been invaluable and we will be forever grateful for that

Peewee Game

Alex Mitham fearlessly drops the puck in the Peewee game Phoenix vs. Villains

Alex then dropped the puck for the peewee game including the launch of a new team PHOENIX vs. Villains!  Like all Peewee games this was brilliant to watch with plenty of heart and effort from every one and a few goals to go too.  Great performances from everyone, including a number of new players who seemed to really take the spirit of the game.  We are really excited about the Peewee league this year with another team and the standard of players really coming up too as everyone throws themselves into the game with maximum effort.  Great work Kids!

Junior Game

All focus for the puck drop for the final game of the night Thunder vs. Vikings

Finally we finished out the night with a junior game with new team Vikings and Thunder.  Vikings were dominant in the first period getting to 4-1 at the buzzer.  The second half was a complete turn around with Thunder coming back hard, eventually bringing tying the score like up at 5-5 with only 2 minutes remaining.  Those remaining minutes were the highlight of the night with an insanely competitive finale to the game with opportunities for both sides.  Ultimately neither could make it through to a win, and finishing with a 5 all tie.  Great efforts from both teams with top scorers Liam Williams for the Vikings and Hayden Stanworth for Thunder making a massive impact with a hat-trick each.

Now we get into the season for real, we will be posting results here on the site.  keep coming back to see how your teams are doing!

Players and fans can find the Player Standings and the League Standings by following the links.

Awards night (Quick Summary)

Prize Giving

The prize giving was held on the 16th of March, great attendance from peewees through to elite and into the senior and Dek leagues.

There were a number of prizes doled out, but with a specific focus this year toward dedication and sportsmanship (as voted for by other players), as well as the traditional top players and team prizes.  This gave the awards night a really friendly family feeling.

Of course there were some players that took home a lot of silverware, but there were a number of players who were given awards which really surprised them, most improved players, and best sporting attitude attracted a lot of cheers from the crowd, and big smiles from those awarded.

Of special note there was an award of a lovely crystal decanter and glasses to Nick Francis for giving up so much of his time to referee and run games.  He was thrust into this when Grant was not able to ref anymore as the sport really got popular. Without his input the last season would not have been the success that it was.
There were also 4 awards to the youth players from the Stanley Penguins for their efforts during the Mega Patagonian Tournament.  Who not only took home gold in their own age category but were hugely inspiring and instrumental in the success of the senior team. Theo Duncan, Matt Francis, Malachi Budd, and Tom Watson all took home a special trophy for this accolade.

A warm and heartfelt thank you to all those who came along, and specifically Nevill from the Chandlery, Eileen Jaffray from Stephen Jaffray Memorial Fund, and Rob Hoy from Sure for presenting trophies. Also thank you to Andrew Newman for being compere again, cracking job lad.
Also thanks to all the players and parents from the last year, and the years before, for supporting the club and the sport. We keep finding new highs and I hope this year will be no exception. The teams this year are hugely competitive; there was much discussion after the new teams announcement about the upcoming seasons, and it sounds like it could be a fun one.

Well done everyone, and we look forward to seeing you at the launch party on Saturday the 23rd in the leisure centre from 6.



New Website

Welcome to the new Falkland Islands Hockey Association (FIHA) website

Its been a while coming, but with all sorts of tricks and functions in the background it should make our leagues and stats much smoother for everyone.
Its a bit empty right now but the kind of things you will see develop in 2019are:

  • Team pages with fixtures for that team, Rosters and stats.
  • Player pages with hockey history (starting this year – we are looking at the historical side and hope to bring that in too), stats and a brief bio – great if you are going overseas or what to see what your stats are like.
  • News and blog page front – covering all the latest news etc.
  • Calendar for fixtures
  • Results ticker on front page
  • Links to sponsors pages or emails
  • History of the club
  • Media – pictures, downloads, videos etc.

Tony Ellis (Tone Dog) is the big driving force behind the working and design of the website and he has done an amazing job. Not only does it look great, but the features are awesome.
It should be much easier to now find your team, games fixtures, stats etc. all through the home page. great for players and parents of younger ones alike.

Its mobile too!

Optimised for mobile so you can always keep up to date with any hockey news or results.

Please remember though that this is a work in progress and as the website grows there will be some mistakes or things that don’t work right away. if you notice anything please let us know on: tonyellis@horizon.co.fk or samcockwell@gmail.com

Also if you want to write something for the front page or a game review please do and let me know.



Lookahead for 2019

Okay – Lets look forward to 2019

local leagues

Lots of game time for all – with fixtures throughout the week.  New teams to be announced on Saturday 16th of March at the Prize Giving with Fixtures ready for the Inauguration party on the 23rd

local tournament

The committee (well Grant really) is working on getting a couple of teams over from Chile and possibly Uruguay to come and play here in the first multi national tournament hosted in the Falklands!  This will be inline (of course) – it will be mega competitive, and we hope that this comes together, plan is for a tournament followed by a couple of days of fun games with everyone all mixed up! great way to make new friends and make an event out of it.

intentional tournaments

Puerto Williams Patagonian Brotherhood Tournament – possibly earlier this year fro a long weekend, this is still being planned at the moment but it could be an incredible tournament to play in under the mountains. beautiful.
Punta Arenas Mega Patagonia Tournament – this should be happening around the same time this year – team selection and training schedules will be out nearer the time… can we defend our current Gold Treasure trove?? I bet we can. but its going to be hard.

End of season party

We held this last year with the second goalies vs. girlies match. which once again provided a huge amount of fun all round and some serious play on both sides. We may have a bit of all stars skills to try out, games for all the family, and of course a delicious buffet provided by the hockey club members!

… watch this space for more updates…..