Update from the committee


Following the announcement on the 13th of April reminding people to take extra care we have reviewed our rules and risks again, and will continue to play.

However we will be much stricter on rules relating to contact penalties with an aim to bring down the level of intensity in the games and therefore reduce the risk of injury.  We are in touch with KEMH regularly on this matter and will continue to review the risks as things continue to change.

We will also be briefing players before games to ensure that all are aware of the situation.

A message from the committee:

FIG released a statement today (31st March 2021) asking the public to take extra care in their day to day activities because of a reduced capacity for medevac to South America.

The Falkland islands Hockey Association is dedicated to the safety of its members, and aims to reduce the risk of any injury as much as possible. However as with any sports or activities some risks will remain no matter what measures are put in place.

We are confident that players wearing serviceable and proper equipment, and playing in a safe and controlled manner is as good as it can be and will therefore continue with the league as it stands currently. We are passionate about the sport, however we will not ask anyone to go beyond their own level of comfort to play.

If there is any player that feels that the potential for serious injury is too high you can of course decline to play without any sort of penalty or sanctions whatsoever from the association. If the situation changes and players wish to play again they are welcome to come back at any time they feel confident and happy to play.

We will continue to keep the players safety at the forefront of our activities and will monitor the local situation for any changes which impact the association.

If you have any questions or queries please get in touch.

2021 season launch party

This Tuesday the 16th we launched the 2021 hockey season with some extra very exciting news.

JAMES going to okanagan

We are thrilled to announce that this year James Hartley has been offered a place at the Okanagan
Hockey School to develop his skills in hockey, mental training, personal and team development, and
continue his education at their partner schools for his GCSEs.

This is impressive enough, but James also negotiated his own sponsorship with the Seafish Chandlery Board. This sponsorship will fund all of the hockey costs and goes a long way toward the whole cost of this incredible opportunity.

He will join his former team mate Malachi Budd who is also attending Okanagan while studying for his A- Levels.

James aspires to become a professional hockey player, and this is a key step in achieving that dream; we couldn’t be more proud of him, although we will of course miss him in our league.

new shirts

We also showed off the new shirt designs for 2021 sponsored by Seafish Chandlery for the four youth leagues, and Fortuna sponsoring the new senior and dek leagues.

The evening culminated with 5 games across the various leagues, with hotly contested matches, and a jubilant crowd cheering everyone on.  It was especially nice to see the crowd stay and cheer on some games!

thank you all

The hockey season would not be possible without the dedication of players, parents, partners, and supporters – so a heartfelt thank you to all those people, and also our other sponsors: Byron for our national shirts, G&K Services, Shorty’s Diner, Sure, Energise Group, Tonedog, Nigel Bishop (NCB solutions), and a sincere thanks to Val Ellis on behalf of her and Cyril for continuing to generously support the club for so many years.

Website is Ready to go

All fixtures and teams for the 2021 season are on the club notice boards in the Leisure centre and of course here on the website.

If anyone is interested in taking up hockey get in touch here through this link Contact us, or  Facebook group: falkland islands hockey

2021 Pre season Training

Inline training has now started!

Seniors is Tuesday evening 7-9

Prospects is Tuesday afternoon 5-6

Elite is Thursday and Friday afternoons 5-6

Rookie is Saturday 10-12

Juniors is Sunday 11-12

Peewees are Sunday 10-11

The season will start on or around the 16th of March (Tuesday).  There may be additional times or slight changes, watch this space for fixtures coming soon.

Dek will be starting at the same time and that will be played 6-7pm on Thursdays and Fridays.

Back on Wheels!

Starting on the 23rd of June we will be back on wheels!  With the relaxing of the Covid-19 restrictions we have been able to arrange a limited training programme.

We will be starting with back to basics skating and working up from there – even the professionals go back to basics often to sharpen up their skating!

Here are the groups:


Senior (a)

Senior (b)

FICS (a)

FICS (b)



Y5/Y6 (a)

Y5/Y6 (b)

Senior (c)


Tuesday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday Saturday Sunday Sunday Sunday


19:00 20:00 17:00 17:00 10:00 11:00 9:00 10:00 11:00


Jake Hawksworth Kathy Aguilera Archie Paice Ollie Didlick Marjorie Ellis Benji Bruna-Hewitt Heidi Smith Jenna Crowie Keon Kennedy
Craigie Chipunza Malachi Budd Seb Horton Andrew Mckay Tyler Elsby Grace Kelly Marcy Bonner Keysha Crowie Claire Young
Jack Kelly Mark Dalton Mina Horton Flora McKee Freya Paice Matthew Ellis Betsy Horton Toyah Wilson Paul Ellis
Ethan Fowler Lane McKay Elijah Robinson Calvin Curtis Tanner Benjamin Esme Horton Lucy Barker Alexia Davis Tiphany May
Jacob Smith Antoine Daille Taylor Stroud Tyler Jordan Ollie Bonner Tom McKee Rowan Christie Hayden Stanworth Sam Cockwell
Gabby Hartley Kyran Evans Josh Williams Ruby Shepherd Alvin McLaren Terrie Davis Nat Cockwell Kingsley Chipunza Jorge Ramos
James Hartley Simon Gilbert Marco Bee Ben Chater Tommy Ross Amber Hills Nick Cockwell Theo Clifton David Phillips
Tom Watson Stu Duncan Holly Bennett Neve Stanworth Harrison Williams Malachi Robinson Logan Halliday Louis Francis Marco Leyton
Marvis Chipunza Travis Jaffray Tom Cochrane Liam Williams Ollie Eccles Ethan Ross Alfonso Fajardo Brayan Romero
Danny Ross Nick Francis Alejandro Fajardo Kevin Hills Ethan Elsby Fernando Seguel
Rose Piek
Perry Clifton

All sessions are full kit – Helmet, Armour, Shorts, Elbows, Gloves, Leg Pads as a minimum, and are all 1 Hour.  Due to social distancing the access to changing facilities are limited, so please can you dress at home, then just get your skates, helmet, and gloves on when you get in.

All parents and players have been contacted, but if you have any questions please email media@hockey.co.fk, or contact us on our facebook group.


Hi all,
I had a meeting with the teams and organisers of the 2020 LATAM Cup last night. The November date is postponed until at least April due to travel restrictions and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
We will be meeting again on October 28th to decide if a date in April can work. If anything comes up before that we will be in touch. But we will now be working toward a possible tournament in April – date TBC, but we will be pushing for during the holidays at the end of the month if we can.
There is a possibility that the 2020 Tournament is cancelled altogether – in which case we will re-focus on the 2021 tournament which is currently scheduled for November 2021 (assuming things are back to some sort of normal by then).
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch either on Facebook, message me or one of the committee or email me on media@hockey.co.fk
I’ll be back later with information about the skating training sessions starting next week!
Keep Smiling!

2020 Inline Season Postponed

We are sorry to announce that the 2020 hockey season in the Falkland Islands has been postponed effective immediately.
We have been advised by the Chief Medical Officer and the Government emergency advisor that activities with a higher risk of injury, including hockey, should postpone activities for a period of time.

This is not due to the risk of directly spreading Covid-19, but is because of limited medivac capabilities which are now only available for life-threatening conditions. Lesser injuries, such as complicated broken bones, will now only be able to be treated in the Falkland Island without the specialist treatment that you can access with a medivac. Additionally treating these injuries will potentially take away hospital resources from those who may need critical care in the coming weeks as the Covid-19 situation develops.
Hockey does pose an increased risk of injury so we are happy to follow expert advice and postpone the rest of the season.

We are anticipating that this will only be for a short time and we will resume the season with the same 2020 teams once we have the all clear to do so. In the meantime, we will discuss as a committee what we might be able to do instead of inline hockey. We will let you know in due course what we have planned.

As always, if you have any questions please just ask.  We are a hockey family, and we want to do whats best for everyone in our community.

Please be kind to one another, take the time to help those who are struggling, and give a helping hand.


NEW TEAMS for 2020

The news you’ve all been waiting for: 



Tanner Benjamin
Ollie Bonner
Benjamin Bruna-Hewitt
Alvin McLaren
Freya Paice
Tommy Ross
Harrison Williams
Nick Chater GT
Manager: Kirsty Williams



Ollie Eccles
Marjorie Ellis
Ethan Elsby
Tyler Elsby
Grace Kelly
Tom McKee
Rose Piek
Matthew Ellis GT
Manager: Louise Ellis


polar bears

Nick Chater
James Hare
Kai Heathman
Esme Horton
Tom McKee
Heidi Smith
Logan Halliday GT
Manager: Jeff Halliday


Marcy Bonner
Rowan Christie
Jenna Crowie
Keysha Crowie
Matthew Ellis
Alfonso Fajardo
Alvin McLaren
Nick Cockwell GT
Manager: Jeanette Hartley


Perry Clifton
Alexia Davis
Terrie Davis
Betsy Horton
Thomas McLeod
Tommy Ross
Archie Paice GT
Managers: Jo Turner


Lucy Barker
Ollie Eccles
Amber Hills
Malachi Robinson
Ethan Ross
Toyah Wilson
Seb Horton GT
Manager: Debbie Horton



Nat Cockwell
Nick Cockwell
Louis Francis
Logan Halliday
Mina Horton
Tyler Jordan
Elijah Robinson
Taylor Stroud
Josh Williams
Kevin Hills GT
Manager: Jeanette Hartley


Marco Bee
Holly Bennett
Kingsley Chipunza
Theo Clifton
Tom Cochrane
Alexia Davis
Terrie Davis
Alejandro Fajardo
Hayden Stanworth
Kevin-Joe Contreras GT
Manager: Jo Turner



Kingsley Chipunza
Theo Clifton
Jake Hawksworth
Andrew McKay
Flora McKee
Jose Quinto
Manager: Jo Turner


Craigie Chipunza
Tyler Jordan
Jack Kelly
Ruby Shepherd
Hayden Stanworth
Josh Williams
Manager: Fernando Seguel


Ben Chater
Ethan Fowler
Louis Francis
Jacob Smith
Neve Stanworth
Liam Williams
Manager: Nick Francis


George Gould
Katie Hare
Gabby Hartley
James Hartley
Kevin Hills
Seb Horton
Liam McRae
Manager: Jeanette Hartley



Dean Ellis
Ben Hoyles
Travis Jaffray
Jack Kelly
Marco Leyton
Fernando Seguel
Shania Shepherd
Kristina Skalicka

Brayan Romero
Nick Francis GT


Sam Cockwell
Rhiannon Didlick-Smith
Gabby Hartley
Jake Hawksworth
Lane McKay
Jose Quinto
Jorge Ramos
Jacob Smith
Tom Watson GT


Marvis Chipunza
Theo Duncan
Kyran Evans
Ethan Fowler
George Gould
David Phillips
Danny Ross
Glen Smith

Simon Gilbert

StueyDuncan GT


Kathy Aguilera
Richard Bonner
Grant Budd
Malachi Budd
Craigie Chipunza
James Hartley
Keon Kennedy
Regan Newman
Paul Ellis GT
Tiphanie May GT