New Website

Welcome to the new Falkland Islands Hockey Association (FIHA) website

Its been a while coming, but with all sorts of tricks and functions in the background it should make our leagues and stats much smoother for everyone.
Its a bit empty right now but the kind of things you will see develop in 2019are:

  • Team pages with fixtures for that team, Rosters and stats.
  • Player pages with hockey history (starting this year – we are looking at the historical side and hope to bring that in too), stats and a brief bio – great if you are going overseas or what to see what your stats are like.
  • News and blog page front – covering all the latest news etc.
  • Calendar for fixtures
  • Results ticker on front page
  • Links to sponsors pages or emails
  • History of the club
  • Media – pictures, downloads, videos etc.

Tony Ellis (Tone Dog) is the big driving force behind the working and design of the website and he has done an amazing job. Not only does it look great, but the features are awesome.
It should be much easier to now find your team, games fixtures, stats etc. all through the home page. great for players and parents of younger ones alike.

Its mobile too!

Optimised for mobile so you can always keep up to date with any hockey news or results.

Please remember though that this is a work in progress and as the website grows there will be some mistakes or things that don’t work right away. if you notice anything please let us know on: or

Also if you want to write something for the front page or a game review please do and let me know.