Miami Streaming in the Narrows Bar


The team are in Miami and training hard for the tournament that starts on Wednesday 14th.

We are very lucky to have support again from Sure and the Narrows Bar to host the streaming of our games in Miami at the LATAM Cup and Amerigol ROTW Cup.

We have 4 teams playing:

The Caribbean U12 team features a number of our U12 players, they kindly offered to send a joint team to the tournament.
The Falkland Islands U16 is a team of all local players playing in the Amerigol ROTW cup
Stanley U20 is mostly local talent with a few loaner players from our friends in Miami to make up the numbers
ROTW D2 is our team of adult players from the Falkland Islands and friends of the Hockey Association who have helped us raise hockey to the level that we now enjoy here.

Here are the full current fixtures for the Falkland Islands teams.  With some dedication and grit we will get into some final games on Saturday and Sunday