League starting to heat up.

Lets go!

With every team having played a couple of games now, some of the league tables are starting to take shape.

In Peewees and Juniors its a game a piece to each team. The top three players are really making marks in the player tables, with Ethan Elsby and his younger brother Tyler Elsby topping the Peewee league with 23 and 15 points respectively in two games, with Rosie Piek close behind with 10 points in just one game!  In the Junior league, Perry Clifton leads with 12 points, then Ethan Borroye Ross with 9 and Alfonso Fajardo comes in third with 6.

In the rookie league the Phoenix have taken an early 6 points with two wins, but the Titans and Banshees holding 3 with a win each, leaving Monsters looking for their first win.  Top three players in this league are Kingsley Chipunza with a dominant 18 points, followed by Louis Francis with 9 and Hayden Stamworth with 5

In the Elite league its all very close with Knights topping with 6 points and the Dragons, Bombers, and Wolverines all having 3.  Ethan Fowler currently tops the player table with 10 points, followed closely Jacob Smith with 7 and James Hartley coming in strong with 6 in just two games compared to Jacob and Ethan having played 3.

The Senior League sees the Ducks in top spot with 6 points, Venom following with 3, and Scorpions and Beasts having a point each.  Top of the players is currently Joseph Murphy, but as he is going back to UK it remains to be seen if his 10 points will keep him in the top spot for long. Fernando Seguel and Danny Ross share second place with 4 points each.

In the Dek league the Sharks are riding high with 6, Flyers and Panthers both have 3, with the Oilers also looking for their first win.  Top players currently are Marco Leyton with 9 points, Kyran Evans with 7 and Mark Dodd with 6.

Great effort across all the leagues, and we are all really impressed with the dedication and ability right across the board.