International Tournaments

To all FIHA members,
Unfortunately due to the ongoing challenges related to Coronavirus the committee has decided that we can’t commit to travelling to Miami for the Latam Cup 2021 at this time. If the situation dramatically improves we may reconsider, but at the moment we don’t think that this is likely.
We are all extremely disappointed that it has come to this, and there are two main reasons: travel complications and coronavirus risks.
– Flights – With the situation worsening in Latin America any flight option through there is not a realistic option. Which would mean flying via the UK with all the extra costs and complications associated with that.
– Coronavirus – We are not currently content that the risks to our members (especially junior players) are low enough to attend any international tournament. We had been looking to take three teams including youth and junior teams to Miami for this tournament, and would still like to in future years, however at the moment we do not feel that it is reasonable to ask anyone to travel.
We know this will be disappointing to everyone, but we will continue to play our season here, and dedicate ourselves to making it as enjoyable as possible.
We will also continue to work on other options to play ice hockey internationally in the future – and may be able to arrange something based in the UK – especially with our new links to Okanagan in Swindon, as well as future Latam Cup tournaments.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch.

but hey its not all bad news, FITV have put up a video of the opening night here: FITV launch party coverage