Dek Team Updates

Teams shirt changes

You will have notices that the Dek teams shirts changed this season (2019) from the planned teams. This is purely due to the number of available shirts for the season.

The changes are:

Sharks are now Oilers

Penguins are now Panthers

Flyers are now Redwings


Here are the team listings for the Dek Season as they stand currently.


flkDavid HewittForward-1042
engThomas GrahamGoaltender-000


flkJohn McLeodGoaltender-000
flkTobi AdeoyeForward-813


flkBrayan RomeroDefender-021
flkDeclan BonnerMidfielder-220
walGethin MorganDefender-321
flkNiall EvansForward-420
flkRichard BonnerPlayer-110
Shaani StashynskyPlayer-000
engThomas FarrogiaGoaltender-000
flkToby PooleDefender-000

Sadly a match had to be forfeited last week as there wasn’t another goal tender. Please teams keep in touch with your players to try and avoid this, it’s a shame for everyone to miss out on a game.

Anyone interested in getting involved in hockey, Dek Hockey is a really great place to give it a try, minimal kit, but fast paced, great exercise and plenty of hockey skills to learn and hone, and a great way to get into hockey in the Falklands.