Back on Wheels!

Starting on the 23rd of June we will be back on wheels!  With the relaxing of the Covid-19 restrictions we have been able to arrange a limited training programme.

We will be starting with back to basics skating and working up from there – even the professionals go back to basics often to sharpen up their skating!

Here are the groups:


Senior (a)

Senior (b)

FICS (a)

FICS (b)



Y5/Y6 (a)

Y5/Y6 (b)

Senior (c)


Tuesday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday Saturday Sunday Sunday Sunday


19:00 20:00 17:00 17:00 10:00 11:00 9:00 10:00 11:00


Jake Hawksworth Kathy Aguilera Archie Paice Ollie Didlick Marjorie Ellis Benji Bruna-Hewitt Heidi Smith Jenna Crowie Keon Kennedy
Craigie Chipunza Malachi Budd Seb Horton Andrew Mckay Tyler Elsby Grace Kelly Marcy Bonner Keysha Crowie Claire Young
Jack Kelly Mark Dalton Mina Horton Flora McKee Freya Paice Matthew Ellis Betsy Horton Toyah Wilson Paul Ellis
Ethan Fowler Lane McKay Elijah Robinson Calvin Curtis Tanner Benjamin Esme Horton Lucy Barker Alexia Davis Tiphany May
Jacob Smith Antoine Daille Taylor Stroud Tyler Jordan Ollie Bonner Tom McKee Rowan Christie Hayden Stanworth Sam Cockwell
Gabby Hartley Kyran Evans Josh Williams Ruby Shepherd Alvin McLaren Terrie Davis Nat Cockwell Kingsley Chipunza Jorge Ramos
James Hartley Simon Gilbert Marco Bee Ben Chater Tommy Ross Amber Hills Nick Cockwell Theo Clifton David Phillips
Tom Watson Stu Duncan Holly Bennett Neve Stanworth Harrison Williams Malachi Robinson Logan Halliday Louis Francis Marco Leyton
Marvis Chipunza Travis Jaffray Tom Cochrane Liam Williams Ollie Eccles Ethan Ross Alfonso Fajardo Brayan Romero
Danny Ross Nick Francis Alejandro Fajardo Kevin Hills Ethan Elsby Fernando Seguel
Rose Piek
Perry Clifton

All sessions are full kit – Helmet, Armour, Shorts, Elbows, Gloves, Leg Pads as a minimum, and are all 1 Hour.  Due to social distancing the access to changing facilities are limited, so please can you dress at home, then just get your skates, helmet, and gloves on when you get in.

All parents and players have been contacted, but if you have any questions please email, or contact us on our facebook group.