The committee are elected at the AGM which is usually held annually in October or November.  The positions are listed below (Details can be found here: Roles & Responsibilities), but for details on how people are nominated and the election process please have a read of our statutes.

Committee Roles
  • Chair
  • Vice Chair (usually combined with another role which is not the Chair)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Youth Representative
  • Junior Leagues Coordinator
  • Senior Leagues Coordinator
  • Head Coach
  • PR and Media Lead
  • Fund Raising and Sponsorship Lead
  • National Sports Council Representative (as with Vice Chair this is a secondary role)
  • Safeguarding lead (as with Vice Chair this is a secondary role)
  • General Members (usually 2)

Current committee (as of October 2020 AGM)

  • Chair – Jo Turner
  • Vice Chair – Sam Cockwell
  • Secretary – Claire Young
  • Treasurer – Pam Budd
  • Youth Representative – Gabby Hartley
  • Junior Leagues Coordinator – Jeanette Hartley
  • Senior Leagues Coordinator – Nick Francis
  • Head Coach – Grant Budd
  • PR and Media Lead – Sam Cockwell
  • Fund Raising and Sponsorship Lead – Vacant
  • National Sports Council Representative – Sam Cockwell
  • Safeguarding Lead – Jeanette Hartley
  • General Members – Stu Duncan, Marika McKay