2019 Teams

New Teams Announced!

For anyone who wasn’t able to make the prize giving tonight, the new teams for 2019 have been announced.

The committee and several key players have got together to choose the teams to try and make the leagues as balanced as possible.

You will notice that we are down teams in Senior, Elite, Dek and Rookies, but up a team in both Peewee’s and Junior leagues. Some of this is because we have lost some players,  overall we are still at more or less the same numbers of players overall, but we are spread differently.  We felt that this year with slightly larger teams that the games could be more competitive by allowing players can give maximum energy from the start rather than saving themselves if they know they have no subs. This should make the games faster and more exciting to play.

Its really encouraging to see so many kids starting up in the peewee leagues and some from last year moving up to the junior league. These are really the foundation for hockey so that is fantastic news.  Also several adults who started last year are already signed up and in teams and some new starters too, well done those guys, hope you enjoy it.

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The big news with peewees is the creation of the new team Phoenix. This has given us slightly smaller teams than in the past which means players will get more time playing in a match. Teams will play for 2 weeks and then get a week off. We’ve moved some of the physically larger players up to juniors and have also for the first time got some players playing in both peewees and juniors. This will help to develop those players and also improve the standard of the whole league whilst allowing the smaller players to feel confident out on the rink.

All Peewee Teams Roster



Juniors now has a 4th team – Vikings! As with peewees, this allows for slightly smaller teams, meaning more playing time per match. And all teams will play every week. This has intensified juniors which is good preparation for the rigours of rookies. Some of the physically larger players from last season have moved permanently to rookies which has meant that we can welcome some peewee players into the league.

All Junior Teams Roster



Rookies have dropped a team this year due to losing some players permanently to elite. This means that each team will play for two weeks then have a week off. As most rookie players also play in elite or juniors this will give people a brief break at the weekends. And with the extra rest, we should see some fast and furious play

All Rookie Teams Roster



Two less teams here with a lot of the older youth having either turned 16 or left school so playing with seniors, or gone to college or other overseas studying and work.  wishing them all the best and hope they get a chance to play while there, and hope that they will come back to hockey when they return.  For those moved up to Elite this year it should be a good experience to learn from the more experienced players and really start to develop those skills!

All Elite Teams Roster



There will be one less team with the Stingers being dropped. As we said above, we have lost a few players to college and a couple have decided to hang up their skates for this year, and a few others have left or are leaving (sorry to see you guys go) but a competitive and fast league will keep everyone on their toes.  The teams are slightly larger in roster this year to make sure that games are normally playable, and who ever thought there would be spare goalies?

All Senior Teams Roster


Dek: Penguins  Flyers  Sharks

Much like Senior Inline Dek is down a team this year, but with the dedicated players in this league this year we are expecting a high energy and competitive league with plenty of action and games to remember.

All Dek Teams Roster


So that’s a quick look at the new teams for 2019. I think we are going to have a fantastic time. And this is without mentioning any of the international games that are being planned – 2019 Lookahead