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MEGA Patagonian 2018 Teams Rosters

The success of the Falkland Islands hockey teams in 2018 at the MEGA Patagonian hosted in Punta Arenas is fully covered in the write up here: Round up of 2018 Internationals, however in brief the teams took home gold in all of their respective categories which was a huge accomplishment for the players, the association and ice hockey within the region.  Especially as there is no ice in the Falklands, so all these teams had to convert to ice from inline in the days running up to the tournament. for clarity this tournament was played on a small ice rink so the game format was 3-3 with only two zones with the centre line being the offside line also.

This page is dedicated to recording those who competed and contributed to the team during that contest:

Seniors Team (Stanley Penguins)

  • Claudio Ross
  • Macro Leyton
  • Sam Cockwell
  • Grant Budd
  • Ed Naus
  • Tom Watson (GT)
  • Stu Duncan (GT)
  • Mike Whitlock
  • Theo Duncan
  • Matt Francis
  • Malachi Budd

Ladies Team (Valkyries)

  • Lucy McGuire
  • Samantha McCormick
  • Gabby Hartley
  • Juliette Hennequin
  • Kathy Aguilera
  • Regan Newman
  • Thomas Graham (Guest GT)

Junior Team (Stanley Penguins)

  • Matt Francis
  • Malachi Budd
  • Theo Duncan
  • Danny Ross
  • Kathy Aguilera
  • Regan Newman
  • Tyrese Ceballos (GT)
  • Richie Short
  • Dean Ellis (GT)
  • Lane McKay
  • Gabby Hartley

youth Team (Stanley Rock hoppers)

  • Jake Hawksworth
  • Luke Gilbert
  • Calvin Curtis
  • Theo Clifton
  • Tyler Jordan
  • Jacob Smith
  • Jack Kelly
  • Logan Halliday
  • Liam McRae (GT)
  • James Hartley
  • Louis Francis


  • Nick Francis – Equipment manager
  • Grant Budd – Head Coach
  • Ed Naus – Assistant Coach
  • Pam Budd – Treasurer
  • Paul Ellis
  • Jeanette Hartley
  • Jeff Halliday
  • Thomas Stockting (FITV)

Thanks also to the Zona Austral for hosting the tournament and all the work put in by the organisers and teams in Punta Arenas for making it happen.