Let Me Play

We are now signing up players for the 2020 In-Line Senior and Youth leagues

Use the registration form below.

Please take a moment to read the 2020 rules and the association statute (general rules governing the association).




Player Registration 2020

Player Registration 2020

Player Details


Playing Consent *

I consent to take part in skating, training and games (including full contact where applicable), for in-line, ice and DEK hockey. This also includes spectating.

Media Consent *

I give consent for the Falkland Islands Hockey Association (FIHA) to share photographs, video and audio recordings of training or playing hockey on websites, social media, FITV or other TV stations, Penguin News or other media outlets, Falklands Radio or other radio stations, and for any other publicity purposes for FIHA. If you have any concerns or questions or do not give consent, please select'no' and email letmeplay@hockey.co.fk.


Medical Consent *

I am in good physical health and know of no reason why I should not be able to fully participate in all training and games.

If 'no' to Medical Consent (above), please inform us of any allergies, illnesses, disabilities, or any other relevant information that may affect your participation. If I need to use an inhaler, epi-pen, or other prescribed medication/equipment (as detailed above), I will ensure to have one with me for training and games, which is clearly labelled.

Injuries *

If I am suffering any injury or have any health concerns that may affect my ability to train or play safely, I will inform my manager/coach/captain immediately.

Emergency Contact Details

Please give details of up to two people who will be contactable in an emergency.

First Contact

Second Contact (optional)


Rules and Anti-Bullying *
First Aid *

If the player is under 18, I authorise the coach and first-aiders to permission for my child to receive any emergency medical, dental, or surgical treatment, including anaesthetic, as considered necessary by the medical authorities present if I am unable to attend in person or if I am uncontactable.