Author: Sam Cockwell

FITV Highlights

Good news!

FITV are going to be covering the senior league with weekly highlights on their Facebook page and on their weekly news round up.  Check out this weeks highlights here: Video on FITV Facebook

We will post the link on the game stats for each game that gets highlights, and also share on our Facebook page HERE.


International Tournaments

To all FIHA members,
Unfortunately due to the ongoing challenges related to Coronavirus the committee has decided that we can’t commit to travelling to Miami for the Latam Cup 2021 at this time. If the situation dramatically improves we may reconsider, but at the moment we don’t think that this is likely.
We are all extremely disappointed that it has come to this, and there are two main reasons: travel complications and coronavirus risks.
– Flights – With the situation worsening in Latin America any flight option through there is not a realistic option. Which would mean flying via the UK with all the extra costs and complications associated with that.
– Coronavirus – We are not currently content that the risks to our members (especially junior players) are low enough to attend any international tournament. We had been looking to take three teams including youth and junior teams to Miami for this tournament, and would still like to in future years, however at the moment we do not feel that it is reasonable to ask anyone to travel.
We know this will be disappointing to everyone, but we will continue to play our season here, and dedicate ourselves to making it as enjoyable as possible.
We will also continue to work on other options to play ice hockey internationally in the future – and may be able to arrange something based in the UK – especially with our new links to Okanagan in Swindon, as well as future Latam Cup tournaments.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch.

but hey its not all bad news, FITV have put up a video of the opening night here: FITV launch party coverage

Wheels in Stock!

We have two types, the higher spec tachyon, and the club level pulsar.  Both excellent wheels and come with great bearings too.

KONIXX Tachyon

“A high end wheel can change your game… but it can also put a strain on your wallet. That’s why we created the Tachyon: a dual pour construction wheel that won’t cost 1/2 as much as your skates. With just the right combination of formula and additives, Konixx is proud to bring a you a wheel that grips so well you’d say it feels tachy!”

£61.00 per set which come with free Helo Swiss Bearings


“The NEW Pulsar from Konixx takes the performance and durability you’ve come to expect from Konixx and delivers them onto a single pour wheel. Our proven U-Base3™ formula is married to the new Konixx K-Core™ hub to give you the best balance of rigidity and firmness, without compromising the wear of the wheel.”

£48.00 per set which come with free Helo ABEC 9 Bearings


If you need new wheels get in touch with Sam on Facebook directly or via Falkland Islands Hockey

We also have Renfew stick tape:

Black tape £5White tape £7 (longer roll)

You can ask Sam or Grant for tape and we can sort it out.



League starting to heat up.

Lets go!

With every team having played a couple of games now, some of the league tables are starting to take shape.

In Peewees and Juniors its a game a piece to each team. The top three players are really making marks in the player tables, with Ethan Elsby and his younger brother Tyler Elsby topping the Peewee league with 23 and 15 points respectively in two games, with Rosie Piek close behind with 10 points in just one game!  In the Junior league, Perry Clifton leads with 12 points, then Ethan Borroye Ross with 9 and Alfonso Fajardo comes in third with 6.

In the rookie league the Phoenix have taken an early 6 points with two wins, but the Titans and Banshees holding 3 with a win each, leaving Monsters looking for their first win.  Top three players in this league are Kingsley Chipunza with a dominant 18 points, followed by Louis Francis with 9 and Hayden Stamworth with 5

In the Elite league its all very close with Knights topping with 6 points and the Dragons, Bombers, and Wolverines all having 3.  Ethan Fowler currently tops the player table with 10 points, followed closely Jacob Smith with 7 and James Hartley coming in strong with 6 in just two games compared to Jacob and Ethan having played 3.

The Senior League sees the Ducks in top spot with 6 points, Venom following with 3, and Scorpions and Beasts having a point each.  Top of the players is currently Joseph Murphy, but as he is going back to UK it remains to be seen if his 10 points will keep him in the top spot for long. Fernando Seguel and Danny Ross share second place with 4 points each.

In the Dek league the Sharks are riding high with 6, Flyers and Panthers both have 3, with the Oilers also looking for their first win.  Top players currently are Marco Leyton with 9 points, Kyran Evans with 7 and Mark Dodd with 6.

Great effort across all the leagues, and we are all really impressed with the dedication and ability right across the board.

Update from the committee


Following the announcement on the 13th of April reminding people to take extra care we have reviewed our rules and risks again, and will continue to play.

However we will be much stricter on rules relating to contact penalties with an aim to bring down the level of intensity in the games and therefore reduce the risk of injury.  We are in touch with KEMH regularly on this matter and will continue to review the risks as things continue to change.

We will also be briefing players before games to ensure that all are aware of the situation.

A message from the committee:

FIG released a statement today (31st March 2021) asking the public to take extra care in their day to day activities because of a reduced capacity for medevac to South America.

The Falkland islands Hockey Association is dedicated to the safety of its members, and aims to reduce the risk of any injury as much as possible. However as with any sports or activities some risks will remain no matter what measures are put in place.

We are confident that players wearing serviceable and proper equipment, and playing in a safe and controlled manner is as good as it can be and will therefore continue with the league as it stands currently. We are passionate about the sport, however we will not ask anyone to go beyond their own level of comfort to play.

If there is any player that feels that the potential for serious injury is too high you can of course decline to play without any sort of penalty or sanctions whatsoever from the association. If the situation changes and players wish to play again they are welcome to come back at any time they feel confident and happy to play.

We will continue to keep the players safety at the forefront of our activities and will monitor the local situation for any changes which impact the association.

If you have any questions or queries please get in touch.

2021 season launch party

This Tuesday the 16th we launched the 2021 hockey season with some extra very exciting news.

JAMES going to okanagan

We are thrilled to announce that this year James Hartley has been offered a place at the Okanagan
Hockey School to develop his skills in hockey, mental training, personal and team development, and
continue his education at their partner schools for his GCSEs.

This is impressive enough, but James also negotiated his own sponsorship with the Seafish Chandlery Board. This sponsorship will fund all of the hockey costs and goes a long way toward the whole cost of this incredible opportunity.

He will join his former team mate Malachi Budd who is also attending Okanagan while studying for his A- Levels.

James aspires to become a professional hockey player, and this is a key step in achieving that dream; we couldn’t be more proud of him, although we will of course miss him in our league.

new shirts

We also showed off the new shirt designs for 2021 sponsored by Seafish Chandlery for the four youth leagues, and Fortuna sponsoring the new senior and dek leagues.

The evening culminated with 5 games across the various leagues, with hotly contested matches, and a jubilant crowd cheering everyone on.  It was especially nice to see the crowd stay and cheer on some games!

thank you all

The hockey season would not be possible without the dedication of players, parents, partners, and supporters – so a heartfelt thank you to all those people, and also our other sponsors: Byron for our national shirts, G&K Services, Shorty’s Diner, Sure, Energise Group, Tonedog, Nigel Bishop (NCB solutions), and a sincere thanks to Val Ellis on behalf of her and Cyril for continuing to generously support the club for so many years.

Website is Ready to go

All fixtures and teams for the 2021 season are on the club notice boards in the Leisure centre and of course here on the website.

If anyone is interested in taking up hockey get in touch here through this link Contact us, or  Facebook group: falkland islands hockey

2021 Pre season Training

Inline training has now started!

Seniors is Tuesday evening 7-9

Prospects is Tuesday afternoon 5-6

Elite is Thursday and Friday afternoons 5-6

Rookie is Saturday 10-12

Juniors is Sunday 11-12

Peewees are Sunday 10-11

The season will start on or around the 16th of March (Tuesday).  There may be additional times or slight changes, watch this space for fixtures coming soon.

Dek will be starting at the same time and that will be played 6-7pm on Thursdays and Fridays.