Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected at the AGM.  The positions are listed below (Details can be found here: Roles & Responsibilities), but for details on how people are nominated and the election process please have a read of our Articles of Association.

At the AGM office holders are also elected to represent the Hockey Association, and deliver the activities of the charity.

Current Office Holders (as of March 2023 AGM)

Office Holder 2023
Chair Jo Turner
Vice Chair Sam Cockwell
Treasurer Pam Budd
Club Secretary Claire Young
Head Coach Grant Budd
Pr/Media Sam Cockwell
Web Stats Sam Cockwell / Jeanette Hartley  Tony Ellis
Senior Co-ordinator Gabi Hartley
Youth Co-ordinator Jeanette Hartley
Events Co-ordinator Marika McKay
Safeguarding Lead Jeanette Hartley
Equality Rep Margaret Williams
Complaints Officer Jo Turner
Dek and Netminders Stuart Duncan
Referee Rep Tamara Simmons
International Logistics Nick Francis
Youth Rep Not Assigned
National Sports Council rep Sam Cockwell

Falkland Islands Hockey Association Directors

  • Jo Turner
  • Sam Cockwell
  • Pam Budd
  • Grant Budd
  • Claire Young
  • Stuart Duncan
  • Jeanette Hartley
  • Gabi Hartley
  • Tamara Simmons
  • Marika McKay